Holistic Clinic

What are Complementary Health Therapies?

Complementary Health Therapies are therapies that address the whole person – mind, body, and spirit, this is known as a holistic approach. The treatment focuses on promoting an environment that allows the client to relax, de-stress and give yourself the deserved time that you need to reconnect and allow your body to begin self healing.

Complementary Health Therapies are not an alternative to medical treatment or advice, they work in conjunction with medical care to prevent and treat dis-ease within the body and mind, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.

Complementary Health Therapies promote a holistic approach to treating a client, They are natural therapies that are known to help ease a range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. such as;

  • Improve on quality of sleep
  • Improve circulation, which helps eliminate toxins from the body
  • promote relaxing and time out
  • Encourages self healing
  • Reduce stress

At your initial consultation each client will fill out a consultation form which covers your current and past medical history and your current state of well being.

Treatments available;