Birth Support

Encouraging women to step into their power to birth.

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Birth come in many different variations, I believe that birth is a sacred and spiritual journey, as us mama’s are gifted with bringing life into the world.

I believe in a woman led birth and the natural physiology that birth is.

In that moment of birth our world as we know it will change forever. With each new birth so too is a new mother born.

The way we birth has a profound impact on all parts of our lives, Mind ~Body ~ Spirit, your birthing experience will stay with you forever. The importance of you taking ownership and responsibility gives you your power back to birth your baby. The fundamentals for preparing for your journey into motherhood is to;

  • Educated yourself on how labour works, using a natural physiological labour as your baseline.
  • Know your birthing options
  • listened to your inner wisdom and gut feeling
  • Create a supportive birth team
  • Be 100% involved in your choices and know B.R.A.I.N – Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, What if we do Nothing/Allow more time.

With this in mind I am delighted to be in a position to walk with women on their rite of passage into Motherhood:

  • Holistic Birth Support
  • Private birth preparation sessions
  • Pregnancy Circle
  • Online support

The information and support that I provide is not intended to take away from your relationship with your pregnancy, above all for you to know that this is your pregnancy, your body, your baby and you have options and choices in all that you choose to do.