GentleBirth FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions about the GentleBirth workshops

What is GentleBirth?

GentleBirth is an antenatal preparation programme that is designed to give mom’s the tools, knowledge and support to prepare for a positive birth experience. It is backed by evidence based research and World Health Organisation guidelines.

The GentleBirth programme consist of;

  1. Brain Science – using a combination of Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Sports Psychology, CBT.
  2. Birth Science – Through the GentleBirth workshop we provide information on labour and birth. What your options are regarding pain relief, care options, signs of labour. Being informed removes doubt and fear, thus allowing you to enjoy pregnancy and look forward to welcoming your baby.
  3. Technology – The GentleBirth App guides you each day through your suggested daily training, which is specific to where you are in your pregnancy journey.
  4. Support – Receive support from GentleBirth moms and instructors on the GentleBirth Facebook Group


When should I attend a GentleBirth Workshop?

You can attend a GentleBirth workshop at any stage during your pregnancy. Some mom’s and her birth partner go as early as 12 weeks and some 39 weeks. It’s really up to you when you feel comfortable to attend. The sooner you book into your workshop the sooner you will get your 1 month free trial of the app and can start using your daily recommended tracks.


What is the difference between the 2 day GentleBirth Workshop and the 1 day blended learning workshop?

The 2 day GentleBirth Workshop is the original format of how GentleBirth was delivered. It runs from 1pm – 6pm on Saturday and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday. Once you and your birth partner attend the 2 day workshop you have all the materials covered and leave equipped with the information and notes that you took.  The benefit of attending a 2 day workshop is you get to come back on day 2 with any questions you may have had from day 1, you get to connect better with other people taking the workshop.

The 1 day blended learning format, recognises that not everyone can commit to 2 days in person workshop. The 1 day is a full day from 9am to 6pm, with a 1 hour lunch break. It is best to view the 1 day workshop as the start of your GentleBirth learning. On completing the 1 day in person, you will then receive an invitation to join the GentleBirth online institute for 30 days to go back over topics that you found interesting or to learn about new topics.

How can I get my birth partner involved and excited about attending the GentleBirth workshop?

Sometimes a birth partner might feel uncomfortable at the thought of attending a GentleBirth workshop and might feel that they don’t have much to do or offer on the day of labour and birth.

However, It’s important to know that a well informed confident birth partner is one of the most important parts of your labour toolkit. The workshop will provide your birth partner will tips and tricks on what they can do during labour. They can get some practice in on learning physical comfort measures and usually leave feeling more involved, realising that they have a really important role to play on the day.

The GentleBirth workshop prepares your partner to confidently facilitate your birth preferences, support you physically, emotionally and mentally. GentleBirth partners are engaged and empowered to be the best birth partner they can be.

At the end of the workshop it is quite common to have birth partners get excited and looking forward to the birth!!

I also draw on my doula experience to relate to the birth partners and give them some practicals tips for the day.

How do I book a GentleBirth Workshop?

Booking’s for a GentleBirth workshop can be made on GentleBirth. All the information you need should be there but if you have any questions you can Contact me