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Your Positive Birth Begins Here!

Thank you so much for checking out my page on the GentleBirth workshop that I run in Ballydesmond, Co. Cork. For me GentleBirth is the ultimate birth preparation programme that you can attend during pregnancy. Not only does it get you ready and maybe even a little excited about birth, but it also hugely benefits your birth partner, increases their confidence as they realise they have a really important job in supporting you on the day and what you learn will stand to you during parenthood.

I used GentleBirth during both of my pregnancies and it really helped me accept the birthing path that my babies took. Both were empowering experiences in their own way.

Since my first baby was born in 2016 I really delved into the birthing world as a Doula, GentleBirth instructor and specialising in maternity reflexology. It is truly an honour to support you during pregnancy, whether it is to help you to begin or further deepen your knowledge on the journey of pregnancy and into motherhood for the first or subsequent time.

The GentleBirth programme believes that a positive birth experience comes in many different forms from induction, drug free birth, medicated, cesarean, natural birth and so on. Birth by it’s very nature is unpredictable, but what you can control is your breath, your focus, your thoughts. The GentleBirth programme helps expectant mom’s and her birth partner to prepare for a positive, calm and confident birth, whatever path their birthing experience takes them on. A positive birth is defined by mom in a non judgmental way.

The Workshops

During the GentleBirth workshop you will learn practical hands on experience of different positions to labour in and comfort measures to use, the importance of having a full Labour Toolkit, knowing the key questions to ask your care provider and learn how and why to use the brain science behind GentleBirth ( Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Sports Pyschology, CBT).  Attending a GentleBirth Workshop you can be guaranteed that the information provided to you is based on the latest evidence based research and care.

For more information on the GentleBirth programme check out the GentleBirth FAQ section

GentleBirth Group workshops are each month in Ballydesmond, Co. Cork. Private workshops can be arranged on request. GentleBirth meet up’s are also held regularly in Ballydesmond. You can stay connected and up to date by checking out the events section on my Facebook Page or My GentleBirth Profile

Check out this video on what to expect from a GentleBirth Workshop.


The GentleBirth App


Availing of the 7 day free trial is a great way to have a taste of what the app offers. The app is a great tool to use daily during your pregnancy and is one of the first labour tools you will reach for on the day. The GenlteBirth app has tracks for different stages of pregnancy and are a mix of positive affirmations, mindfulness, hypnosis, breathing techniques that will help to rewire your brain from fear to confidence.  With over 70 different tracks the GentleBirth app keeps your prepared for whatever path your birthing experience takes.


To book into any of the workshops click on here