GentleBirth Workshops

Your Positive Birth Begins Here!

GentleBirth is the ultimate birth preparation programme for you and your birth partner. This beautiful programme helps expectant mom’s and her birth partner to prepare for a positive, calm and confident birth, whatever path their birthing experience takes them on. Not only does GentleBirth get you ready and maybe even a little excited about birth, but it also hugely benefits your birth partner, increases their confidence as they realise they have a really important job in supporting you on the day. They will learn tips on what they can do to keep you comfortable and focused, while you stay focused on your breath and moving with your body and baby. What you learn and put into practice during your pregnancy will stand to you during parenthood.

The GentleBirth programme prepares mom and her birth partner for a positive birth, one that is defined by mom in a non judgemental way. A positive birth can come in many different forms from induction, drug free birth, medicated, planned or unplanned cesarean, natural birth and so on. Birth by it’s very nature is unpredictable, but what you can control is your breath, your focus, your thoughts. The GentleBirth programme

The Workshops

During the GentleBirth workshop you will learn practical hands on experience of different positions to labour in and comfort measures to use, the importance of having a full Labour Toolkit, knowing the key questions to ask your care provider and learn how and why to use the brain science behind GentleBirth ( Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Sports Pyschology, CBT).  Attending a GentleBirth Workshop you can be guaranteed that the information provided to you is based on the latest evidence based research and care.

For more information on the GentleBirth programme check out the GentleBirth FAQ section

Check out this video on what to expect from a GentleBirth Workshop.


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