The weight of the world

The weight of the world

You know that saying “I have the weight on the world on my shoulders”? Well, It is a very real feeling, we tend to carry our physical and emotional stress right around our head, neck, shoulders, and back area.


Shoulder pain, neck pain, knots in the upper back, tension and tightness in the neck and back, seem to be one of the most common complaints I hear from clients.

As many of us do we tend to put off looking after this niggling discomfort and learn to live with it until it becomes almost unbearable.  Tension across your shoulders, neck and up to your head can lead to headaches (including migraine headaches) and back pain. If left untreated, this tension can also lead to the development of poor posture.

By working on the head, neck and shoulder areas collectively represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body. A holistic massage or an Indian head massage and indeed reflexology can all help ease the symptoms of stress and tight muscles.

Benefits of regular massage treatments either holistic massage or Indian head massage are;

  • Decrease tension in the muscles
  • Improve flexibility in the area
  • Help reduce pain caused by tightness
  • Helps improve sleep
  • It just feels good – It’s always nice to take some time out for yourself and get an hour away from life and social media.

Regular treatments can definitely help ease the tension and help reduce stress. However, I would always encourage client’s to look towards their lifestyle and see if they can identify areas of stress, or physical stress such as repetitive movement or action and address these issues. It’s really important that we all take ownership of our own wellbeing and as much as I advocate the benefits of regular treatments, the problem won’t go away unless you get to the root cause.

To arrange a consultation and or appointment please contact Anita on 087-1917907



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