Soma Wellness is a Holistic Wellness practice run by Ballydesmond local Anita O’ Sullivan Wharton. Based in Ballydesmond, Co. Cork, Soma Wellness is easily accessible from parts of Cork, Kerry and Limerick. Day and evening time appointments are available and treatments are by appointment only.

Soma Wellness was established in 2017 to provide a safe, nurturing and healing space for women of all ages; from adolescent years to post menopause and everything in between.¬† Anita is very passionate about advocating for women’s health and wellness. The area of hormonal health issues and maternity support is prevalent in the work that Anita does, by drawing on her experience in health, fitness and leisure studies Anita provide’s clients with lifestyle advice and suggestions so they can make simple, consistent and small improvements in the key areas of their wellness plan to gain maximum benefits.

Anita aims to provides a nurturing and relaxing space that allows clients uninterrupted time to reconnect in with themselves and allow their body to begin it’s holistic healing journey with the Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit.

Working with expectant moms and their partners and families is an important addition to the work at Soma Wellness. Anita is a certified childbirth educator with the GentleBirth programme and is a DONA International trained birth doula.


Anita is a registered Reflexologist with National Register of Reflexologist  Anita is affiliated with all major health insurance companies in Ireland.